Handmade Beaded Necklaces

From rustic Bulgarian stoneware pendants, to delicate laser-engraved shells, to dazzling Austrian crystals, our handcrafted necklace designs are all one-of-a-kind. Our designs are unique fusions of everything from Swarovski crystals and Czech glass to freshwater pearls, Japanese seed beads, hand-painted wooden beads, and semi-precious gemstones. Each piece is created here in our studio by the designers at Little Birdie Jewelry Design.
Each of our designs are individually crafted, so please contact us if you would like more than one of a particular item.

*Note: If labeled as a set, item consists of a necklace and coordinating earrings.

New Items

new necklace item

Under the Sea

new necklace item

Out of the Blue

new necklace item

Garden's Delight

new necklace item

Sweet Violet

new necklace item


new necklace item


new necklace item


clover wooden handmade beaded necklace


Djakarta green handmade beaded necklace

Djakarta (Green)

whispering woodland handmade beaded gemstone wooden necklace

Whispering Woodland

coral bay handmade beaded Swarovski crystal pearl necklace and earrings jewelry set

Coral Bay

Hand painted Swarovski crystal freshwater pearl handmade beaded necklace


pueblo handmade beaded jaspser gemstone necklace little birdie jewelry


under the sea handcrafted artisan handmade beaded wire wrapped bronze silk ribbon little birdie jewelry

Under the Sea

Bonny handmade beaded necklace and earrings set


earthstar handmade leather necklace


oasis handmade beaded necklace little birdie jewelry paper ache swarovski crystals


viridescent green turquoise necklace handmade beaded little birdie jewelry gemstones


out of the blue handmade knotted freshwater pearl necklace swarovski crystals paper mache pendant

Out of the Blue

Floating Pearls Swarovski crystals and pearls handmade beaded necklace

Floating Pearls

flora and fauna handmade beaded necklace Swarovski crystals

Flora and Fauna

forever snow Swarovski crystal handmade beaded leather necklace

Forever Snow

handmade beaded paper mache pendant ladybug

Garden's Delight

sweet violet handmade beaded knotted river shell beads swarovski crystals necklace

Sweet Violet

hannah handmade beaded Swarovski crystal pearl cluster chain necklace


heavy metals czech fire polished glass beaded necklace and earrings jewelry set

Heavy Metals

hematite magic handmade beaded necklace

Hematite Magic

lagoon handmade beaded necklace and earrings jewelry set


little birdie handmade necklace

Little Birdie

meow handmade terra cotta pendant stoneware necklace


new moon handmade beaded necklace and earrings jewelry set

New Moon

oak jewel handmade leather necklace

Oak Jewel

vivace hand painted designer necklace swarovski crystals green vibrant


purple passion handmade silk stoneware necklace

Purple Passion

grapevine handmade beaded necklace with swarovski crystals and semi precious gemstone beads


sonya handmade beaded Swarovski crystal mother of pearl pendant necklace


daisy handmade beaded necklace clay stoneware


tree of life handmade leather necklace

Tree of Life

tweet handmade wire wrapped beaded leather necklace


victoria handmade beaded necklace


wildflowers handmade beaded seashell pendant silk ribbon necklace


zanzibar handmade stone pendant leather necklace


sea glass sparkle swarovski crystal handmade beaded wire wrapped necklace on sterling silver chain

Sea Glass Sparkle

soiree hematite handmade beaded necklace purple beads pearls metal silver plated shell beads


oceania knotted hep cords ceramic clay pendant handmade beaded necklace


venture handmade beaded necklace little birdie jewelry shell beads hematite rhodonite heart swarovski crystals


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